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Burgundy broccoli

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You’ve heard of purple sprouting broccoli (or PSB), but there’s a new kid on the broc: burgundy broccoli. With long stems and deep purple florets, it looks an awful lot like PSB, and is, in fact, part of the same family.

The main difference is that burgundy broccoli is harvested whole and is more tender than PSB, meaning you can eat the entire thing – leaves, stalks, florets and all. This broccoli variety has been developed by Staples Vegetables Ltd, one of the largest vegetable producers in the UK. It grows the burgundy broc in the Lincolnshire Fens from June through to November. Grower George Read says, ‘Burgundy broccoli has been developed through a labour of love.

It’s a unique product that’s deliciously tender throughout and boasts a superior taste, and the fact it is harvested whole means no more waste!’ We simply braised it for a couple of minutes and served it with butter, but you could use it in any recipe where you would use regular ( or purple sprouting broccoli ( Find it in selected Co-op, Waitrose & Partners and Morrisons stores (£1 per 200g pack). 

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