Three Ways to Eat Burgundy Broccoli

Broccoli, one of the UK’s favourite vegetables, has a newcomer – Burgundy Broccoli, which is shaking up how we eat our beloved brassica. It can be enjoyed whole or floreted and what’s more, you can even eat it raw! To help get more from this humble, versatile veg, here are three simple and healthy, yet delicious ways to dish it up.



Burgundy Broccoli can be eaten raw, which provides significantly more nutritional value than cooked broccoli. Uncooked broccoli not only retains higher levels of nutrients, but also maintains vitamins and proteins too.

Raw broccoli is a great way snack to enjoy with delicious dips. We recommend a hearty dollop of tasty hummus, refreshing tzatziki or flavoursome guacamole.



Roasting Burgundy Broccoli is one of the simplest ways to cook the florets and stems, or even the whole thing!

All you need to do is pop the broccoli on a baking tray with a drizzle of oil. With the oven set to 200 degrees, heat the Burgundy Broccoli until lightly charred. In just twenty minutes, your veg will have the perfect crunch, and the broccoli’s natural sweetness will emerge.

Add a pinch of spicy sumac to give it a kick or a squeeze of lemon for that zesty note. For a delicious step-by-step Sumac recipe, visit the website here.



To retain the maximum nutrients while serving hot, steam your Burgundy Broccoli. In no more than a few minutes, the flavour is unlocked and can increase levels of health-promoting and antioxidant compounds, as well as lowering cholesterol levels.

Steaming is a simple way to enjoy Burgundy Broccoli. After boiling an inch or so of water in a pan, add your florets to a steamer basket, cover for only five minutes until crisp-tender. For added flavour, toss with a spoon of garlic butter.

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